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Research & Evaluation

Testimonials: (1) Many thanks for the research you carried out for our GP practice. Excellent work. We are re-designing clinics & services for that patient population based on your results. We’ve heard great things about you from participants too. Perhaps you should consider offering sex education training!

(2) Ta very much for doing the evaluation of our service. What a little gem you are! So nice to get an honest opinion about how we do things. You are not afraid to tell us what we sometimes don’t want to hear , but we now understand where we were going wrong. We get more compliments from residents too. (Care home owner).

Education & Training

Mary Curtis is an accomplished, gifted and committed educator. She is inspirational and lively as a teacher; her enthusiasm is infectious and appeals to students of all abilities. Mary uses an open approach and has the skill to motivate individuals using a range of teaching and learning processes (CEO, HSP).

On - Managing Your Personal Safety for Lone Workers:

The best presented course I have attended in 7 years.

This was effective and also good fun. Made you very aware of our responsibilities and also those of employers and managers.

An excellent and informative training session.

The time flew by well put together.

Enjoyable training but still got the message across.

On: Death & Dying Very relaxed atmosphere, easy environment for openness, great discussions, Excellent trainers  (AG) Inspiring personalities and delivery is very welcome in what could be a difficult subject. All home carers should have this training (Carer Support Worker)

On:  Bereavement & Loss - This has been one of the most effective training sessions that I have attended (SW).

It was great to have down to earth, honest speakers with expertise in the field

Brilliant, no flip charts, no jargon, no triangle of needs!  Best training day I have ever done!! Fantastic course!! Very interesting and fun! Laughed a lot surprisingly!

Learnt a great deal but would like even more. Brilliant trainers - easy to participate.

Wow!!  Very complimentary as trainers not just knowledgeable, but sensitive and fun.

  • Excellent course.

Very informative in a very interesting way
Have gained knowledge on how to support individuals with learning disability through loss of many kinds.

Very relaxed atmosphere, easy environment for openness, great discussions.

Excellent Trainers

  • Thank you both for a lovely, lively, informative day. Really enjoyed it. Fascinating subject  would like further training.
  • Thanks brilliant course.
  • Excellent course.

Great course, enjoyed it immensely. Found this very interesting, looking forward to any other course with these
facilitators Felt safe to express some painful emotions.  Humour within the group expressed appropriately.

On:  Managing Personal Safety

Excellent course - useful, informative, supportive and lively.

Excellent trainer.

Very well organised, very clear well delivered information.

It opened my eyes to potentially dangerous situations.

It definitely increased my knowledge and understanding on how to recognise early warning signs and gave me de-escalation techniques that I will be able to use.

Everything covered in such a way as to be very relevant to practice. Thank you. Wish I had your training when I just started out!

Phew! my knowledge and insight has taken a huge leap forward with this training. I wish all trainers were so stimulating. Thanks for a great course.

On: Managing Chalenging Behaviour

This was excellent training, every aspect was covered. I gained so much information that has given me a lot of insight.

This training was thorough, useful, enjoyable, stimulating and informative. A great help because the trainers made everything relevant to our practice situation.

Brilliant training. The best I have ever had on this topic and this was due to the trainers approach. Thank you.

Excellent training. Made me think about all the things I just assume or take for granted. Very creative approach and yet really supportive.

I learnt lots on this course. The trainers are brill, encouraging, exciting, challenging and stimulating.

My skills and understanding of this subject have hugely increased.

Will definitely be able to apply this learning to my workplace.

On: Managing Difficult Situations or Clients

Best ever training on this subject. Made me review everything I do.

Loved the trainers’ approach. Learnt loads of tips that I can put into practice.

This was excellent training and I believe a result of the way the trainers approached the topic. More from these trainers please.

Best ever. More, more, more!

A novel approach that made us all sit up and take note. Excellent trainers. Many thanks for a fantastic course.

No chance of ever feeling bored even for a moment with these trainers! Learned tons of useful stuff about my own communication style that I will be able to use in my practice.

Wow! and more! Brilliant training. I want more with these trainers. Exciting, thorough, creative, varied, stimulating, relevant AND enjoyable. Thank you.

Various comments across a range of programmes

I felt I must put pen to paper to thank you for such a wonderful course. In my 26 years in the caring profession and having attended many courses over the years I found yours the most enjoyable and enlightening. You appear to have a most fantastic way of teaching, just being yourself and having fun. With some courses, it goes in one ear and out of the other. Not with your style. It makes you think which not many people are able to make me do! What a credit you are to the teaching profession. I hope one day to have the privilege of attending one of your courses again in the future. (SL)

Just a thank you note for a very interesting and informative course. The speakers were top class and made everything so enjoyable. (JH)

Thank you! Thank you! Thursday afternoon was a splendid effort. You stimulate and challenge, and project yourself so well. It was good to be carried forward in thought and to be sent away full of questions, and doubts, and lots of thoughts to be mulled over while I am washing the cups and saucers or preparing the vegetables! Thank you for arranging it and thank you for facilitating it and going ahead with courage. Thank you for your preparation and hand outs. You deserve 10 out of 10. Give us more of it this is very good to discuss and above all, to think. Thank you and for all you gave to us. (MP).

You could charge three times the amount and the programme would still be great value for money! Many thanks. (Dr VR).

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the course. It far exceeded my expectations of what a palliative course would be. It was a supportive, relaxing and educational experience. Thanks again to you, you’ve energised and empowered me, you’re a star! Hope to see you again in the future (PT).

Thank you so much for coming to talk to us all on Wednesday on Breaking Bad News. The whole department are unanimous in their praise for the most entertaining, informative and fun session it was. Come back and see us again soon. (Departmental Manager, Acute Trust).

Just a little note to tell you that I really enjoyed the Palliative Care Course and to thank you for your inspiring and dynamic contribution. Not once was I overcome with the desire to yawn or close my eyes because it really was thought provoking and inspirational. I don’t want to be too gushy or give you a big head or anything (!!) but you really are very unusual and most refreshing and very informed. So nice to come across a free spirit who isn’t afraid to express an opinion in this day and age and with great wit! A great course. Thank you. With all good wishes. (DR).

I have been training GP for many years and I must say this has been one of the best programmes I’ve attended. I will certainly be recommending you. (Dr DJ).

Never again will I clam up or be unsure when dealing with individuals who are bereaved. Brilliant workshops. (AB).

Thought you would like a response to last weeks training days. It was lovely to have you sharing a most enjoyable but tiring week. Much food for thought. The team are reinvigorated! Best wishes. (VL, Manager, Commercial Sector).

I have been meaning to write to you and to thank you for what I found to be a particularly useful and empowering programme. I have always done my best to avoid the inhibitions which can surround adequate care of the dying. I think sometimes people have been left inadequately informed and relieved. Your course certainly has made things a lot easier and fragments of it I think I can honestly say inspiring. (Dr KW).

Thank you for teaching us and for a very enjoyable two days of fun, laughter and exchange of ideas, plus the new knowledge we’ve picked up. God bless. (G & J, Care Home Managers).

Thank you for all the trouble you take on our behalf. The discussion groups are stimulating and have really helped us to work better as a team. It is good to sit on the edge of our seats and get excited! Our clients really benefit too. (MP, Care Home Manager).

Many thanks for the time and effort you put into reporting on your observations of my teaching. I think you were much kinder than I deserved but thank you for your encouragement, it’s much appreciated (JA, counsellor).

Thank you for a very enjoyable, relaxed, and informative course. I cannot remember when I have enjoyed a course so much in 30+ years of nursing. (AH).

Thank you so much for a great 3 day study. We learned a lot. We will all be back. (J, M & A, Care Sector).

I know we filled in our form about the course before we left but I felt I wanted to write as well. Thank you for giving us such lovely days. Although is was a very serious subject, you made it fun but also made me think of things differently, with us all joining in. Please will you thank everyone else who talked to us? I hope you come up again soon. (KC).

Just a short note to thank you for your advice and help in obtaining the support we needed re x and Macmillan nurse. Relevant agencies have now been contacted via Dr x and the x service. Thank you also for the wonderful course that myself and daughter attended. We learnt so much. (AP, Care Home Owner Learning Disabilities).

Brilliant workshop. More please! (KD, Commercial Sector).