Knowledge Tree Education and Research Consultancy

Examples of courses

I apply for CME credits for all programmes aimed at doctors.

Accreditation is available for nurses, care assistants, allied health professionals, social care sector employees.

I organise workshops and seminars in response to new initiatives in which health and social care staff may need briefing.

In collaboration with University of Plymouth

Specialist Approaches to Palliative Care and Care of the Dying in conjunction with  University of Plymouth; module at level 6 for nurses, allied health professionals & social care employees.
Learning Vouchers and Credits for prior experiential learning now available in conjunction with the University of Plymouth.

The Following are a few examples of our courses. Please get in touch if you would like a list of others I run,  tailor made made for your organisation / agency.

Getting to Grips with Dementia: The care and management of people with a dementia is both complex and challenging for health & social care employees. Identifying dementia can be difficult. Therefore, it is essential that staff are fully aware of the main forms of dementia and their characteristics, to assist with accurate diagnosis and prompt, relevant treatment.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Explained: A Practical, sensible and effective  approach to help you (or clients / patients) master thoughts and think constructively.

Common Heart conditions

Lung Disease & Tips for Managing Breathlessness

Developing your understanding of Stroke & Transient Ischemic Attacks

The Impact of the Ageing Process on Mind & Body

Nutrition in Older Persons / or those suffering Chronic Debilitating Disease

Urinary Catheter Care & Management

Training the Trainer - facilitation skills for working with groups

Principles of Palliative Care for Social Care Employees
Principles of Palliative Care for Health Care Employees
Communication Skills in Social Care Practice (Basic Skills or Advanced Skills)

Communication Skills in Health Care Practice (Basic Skills or Advanced Skills)
Bereavement and Loss
Helping individuals with a Learning Disability Cope With Bereavement, Grief and Loss.

Legal & Ethical Matters / Dilemmas in Health and Social Care Practice