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Training should not be viewed as a cost, but an investment that will generate returns. Business, regardless of sector need to invest in the skills of all their employees.

Training and development

Currently we are experiencing many challenges in the world which have affected many people in terms of redundancies, decreased sales, financial insecurity and the life changes which go alongside these events. Businesses need to make cutbacks and also need to keep developing staff but training is often the easiest expense to trim. So, if you are in this position, one of the best expenditures to make will be in keeping yourself and your employees fully engaged. It’s well known that actively disengaged people reduce a company’s productivity. I work with you and your teams to make sure the best possible working relationships are in place.

I offer seminars & workshops on various topics including: Stress management, conflict management, engagement and motivation, and employee wellness.

The course listing below is not exhaustive, merely an indicator of possibilities.

Project Management, Study Skills,  Presentation skills,  Personal development plans, Portfolio development. Many of these activities can be used to develop individuals’ skills and knowledge, and to change attitudes.

Effective Communication and interpersonal skills

People Management Skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders

Developing Skills and Confidence to Manage Appraisals

Dealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behaviour

Workplace Stress: How to Manage It.

Bullying The Modern Epidemic: How to Recognise and Tackle It

Breaking Bad News: Programmes tailored to specific professional requirements.

Bereavement, for those who have been bereaved, work with people who are, or are about to be bereaved. We also offer after school workshops for teachers in both primary and secondary schools so that they can offer appropriate support to pupils or colleagues who may be bereaved.

Disease specific workshops for health or social care staff - e.g. How to support individuals with Diabetes / Stroke/Parkinson’s/Dementia/common neurological disorders etc.

The Human Right’s Act

The Mental Capacity Act

Epilepsy Awareness - Facts about Epilepsy (Introductory, refresher or advanced)

Care of the Older Person – a series of workshops that explore the Anatomy & Physiology of Ageing; Nutrition & Hydration. Psychological well-being . Psychosocial support. Confusional states. Therapeutic Interventions. Cognitive Symptoms & Support. Non-cognitive Symptoms & Challenging Behaviour. Constipation & Diarrhoea. Preventing Falls - risk assessment. Promoting Continence. Continence Management.

Understanding & Managing Anxiety - / Depression - / Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorders Explained - / Sexuality and body image in long term conditions / or incurable illness / or Learning Disabilities

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health & Social Care