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This will interest any individual, business or organisation providing or obtaining services for or from another. For instance, although the list is endless, you could operate in any of the following:  private, independent, public or voluntary sector, e.g. nursing home, hospital, care agency. Are you giving or getting a decent service? How do you know? Oh, I hear you say; - our clients tell us how fabulous we are! Well, have a look at my testimonials page. . .  very nice! But I can’t rely on peoples lovely comments,  great as it is to receive them! I have to EVALUATE every project, course, workshop etc to check whether I am achieving the objectives.
Oh! We know we are great, getting good service etc. Well, I have news for you - increasingly society asks us to prove it. How would you prove it? One way is to undertake an evaluation or audit. You might be surprised at what you find out! Take the following example.

Currently GPs are major commissioners of health services. Are they getting what they are paying for? Are clients of the service they have purchased satisfied? How to know? Perhaps a claim is being made that the service is somehow special or specialist thus deserving of extra cash. What is the basis for such claims? What extra training have staff undertaken to obtain specialist skills? It may be that the service merely bestows upon itself the title specialist, in which case, there is a cost implication. Why pay for a specialist service when what you are really getting is a generalist one? (Especially when there are many excellent generalist services to choose from, with appropriate evaluations to prove it!). Thorough evaluation speedily highlights discrepancies or indeed, areas of excellence; so that purchasers can be sure they are getting exactly what they want as well as value for money. Equally evaluation enables providers of services to undertake appropriate workforce planning, rectify training deficits as well as pinpoint which aspects they excel at. Clients of such services can then rest assured they are getting the best available, because, since such evaluations are public documents, they are free to check results for themselves. All participants gain.

The matters above are applicable to most types of service provider and their client base.

  • Alternatively: some organisation may need to undertake a Training Evaluation but lack the appropriate expertise to;
  • Review what is currently in place
  • Know what evaluation should be done
  • Understand what needs to change
  • Use validation questionnaires
  • Produce training data

Contact us and we’ll either train your staff in the necessary skills or undertake the evaluation for you.