Knowledge Tree Education and Research Consultancy


For the health and social care sector: We aim to share good practice by working in partnership with Strategic Bodies, Trusts, Primary / Secondary Health and Social Care Teams, Nursing/ Care Homes, Voluntary Organisations and the Private Sector. As part of our commitment to education, we continue to develop in response to the needs of services by running specialist courses with local universities and colleges, as well as accredited generic courses and study days on a wide variety of subjects for medical, health and social care colleagues.

In December 2003, the Department of Health’s white paper Building on the Best, Responsiveness and Equity in the NHS declared We wish to offer all adult patients nearing the end of life, regardless of their diagnosis, the same access to high quality alliative care so that they can choose if they wish to die at home. Government has also made repeated reference to its commitment to ensuring equality of access to high-quality palliative and end of life care regardless of patients age or condition. There is an increasing need to provide care for people with diseases other than cancer, and to expand the range of services on offer to all patients.

We specialise in running the following programmes:

Palliative care generalist  / specialist
End of Life care
Bereavement and Loss