Knowledge Tree Education and Research Consultancy

About us


Knowledge Tree is the Trading name used by Dr Mary Curtis PhD, MSc, BSc (Joint Honours) Cert Ed, ILT(M) FHEA.  I trained and worked as a registered nurse for many years. Following a change of direction during which I undertook undergraduate and postgraduate study, my career has involved working at operational and strategic level in the fields of higher education and health care.

I take an ethical approach to every dimension of all of my endeavors Teaching/training, Research, Education & Evaluation. . .TREE explained. . .Get it?  I believe in enabling and encouraging people to make ‘right’ and ‘good’ decisions, and to do right and good things. My guiding philosophy is about humanness and morality; care and compassion; being good and fair. Profit is OK, but not greed; reward is fine, but not avarice; trade is obviously essential, but exploitation is not. In my view, having a sound philosophy and ethical position determines and protects the spirit and integrity of my business- aptly named (in my opinion!)- Knowledge Tree - The tree of good & evil!

I am module Lead for ‘Specialist Approaches to Palliative Care and Care of the Dying’ for the Faculty of Health, Education & Society, University of Plymouth. I regularly undertake guest lectures on various University programmes.

I have particular interest in the following: Legal and Ethical Matters in Health & Social Care; Dying, Death,  Bereavement; Palliative Care, Organisational Change, Team Building, Medical Sociology, Health & Clinical  Psychology, Evidence Based Practice, Learning Disabilities, Dementia.